I realize that this blog talks about a niche-within-a-niche-within-a-niche, and the terms I use are sometimes poor approximations for what I’m actually talking about. To try to make it easier for people who don’t spend their every waking hour reading about this stuff, I thought I’d make a simple glossary. As I write articles that describe each term more in depth, I’ll also link to them within this list.

Ancestor Birds: The spirits of all birds who once lived on earth and are now extinct as a species. This does not include the spirits of deceased birds whose species are still living, although those might be described as “bird ancestors”. See “Who are the Ancestor Birds?” for more information.

Powers: A catch-all term for non-corporeal entities to whom one might have a devotional relationship, i.e., the Gods, Ancestors, and Spirits.

Spirit Worker: Someone whose spiritual calling in this lifetime is to communicate in some fashion with non-physical beings (Gods, Ancestors, or Spirits) and carry out tasks that those beings request. The most basic components of spirit work are some kind of spirit beings, a human they have called upon, and work to be done. Generally spirit workers have an intense, lifelong calling to service, and a particular tribe to serve. The rest is highly variable and nuanced.

Tribe: On this blog, a tribe is the group of beings served by a spirit worker. That’s typically living human beings, but it could also be non-living, or non-human, beings as well. See “Serving a Spirit Tribe” for more information.