Proto-Indo-European Resources for the Religiously Curious


These bronze animal figures are from one of the earliest Indo-European cultures, the Hittites.

One of the most earth-shattering discoveries I ever made about religion was to discover that almost all* of our Pagan pantheons have a shared root: the Proto-Indo-Europeans. It finally all made sense when I saw a video by Ceiswir Serith, a leading reconstructionist of PIE religion, linking together the linguistic roots of deity names across Indo-European cultures. (You’ll find the link in the “Videos” section of the list below.) I’m still sorting out what all this means to me theologically: do I believe these deities are our Gods, but when They were younger? That They are different Gods, but related? Something else? It’s not as simple a question as it seems. What’s clear, though, is that this is the source of almost every pantheon that we identify today as Pagan.

When I share what was for me some heavy mind-blowing paradigm shifting business, people are almost always interested in more information. To that end, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite Proto-Indo-European religious resources. Enjoy!

(*Some Pagan or polytheistic pantheons do not derive from Indo-European languages or cultures, including the Egyptian and Canaanite as more prominent examples.)


Ceiswir Serith’s PIE Religion Pages

PIE Religion

A Reader in Comparative Indo-European Mythology

Who Were the Indo-Europeans and Why Do They Matter?

Academia Prisca (Revival of PIE Language)

University of Texas at Austin Early Indo-European Languages

The Bhlog: Devoted to All Matters Indo-European

Proto-Indo-European Religion Facebook Group

Proto-Indo-European Academic Facebook Group



Xidnaf – Proto-Indo-European Culture
This is a video explaining how reconstruction of PIE is achieved.

Ceiswir Serith – Proto-Indo-European Deities
This is THE big deal video that broke my mind. You definitely need to watch this!!!

Ceiswir Serith – Indo-European Sacred Drinks

Ceiswir Serith – Proto-Indo-European Religion: Domestic Deities, Ancestors, Nature Spirits

Ceiswir’s entire channel has lots of useful stuff including some hands-on religious rites and some recommended reading list videos:

J.P. Mallory – Indo-European Dispersals and the Eurasian Steppe
This guy is an extremely important academic author and expert on PIE stuff.

The Penn Museum channel has many more relevant lectures.

Tim Doner – Family Matters: A Look at the Indo-European Languages

Smithsonian Channel Documentary: The Hittites
This is a really awesome documentary. The Hittites are very important because they are the earliest Indo-European culture that we have documentation of, and provide a great deal of information that, when compared with ancient Vedic sources, teach us a lot about PIE. The Hittites were true polytheists and literally had thousands of gods from many different cultures that they absorbed over the centuries.



2 thoughts on “Proto-Indo-European Resources for the Religiously Curious

  1. Thanks so much for rounding up some resources! I’ve been interested in PIE religion for mamy years as my practice is extremely syncretic and comparative, but I have misgivings about the one source I know of. It’s really nice to see someone else delving into PIE religion! Gives me some needed motivation!

    Liked by 1 person

    • There are lots of great resources out there, and many of them are academic, which at least comes with a different set of biases than those within the modern polytheist world, and gives us more to go on.


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