One Small Thing

desk_4-27-18In my altar makeover earlier this year, I took down some framed pictures I had of Carolina Parakeets and Passenger Pigeons because I didn’t have any room for them on top of the altar itself. But I took them out again this week because I’m celebrating All Species Week, a personal observance where I honor every species of Ancestor Bird, particularly the ones that haven’t been discovered or named by human beings.

After my morning devotions to the Ancestor Birds, I took the one picture, of Carolina Parakeet, my very first spirit ally, to my home office with me while I was working. I just wanted that awareness that today is a special day to stay with me.

It immediately looked at home on my desk–maybe it helps that I’ve got a bunch of other bird items nearby! But then I realized, this is something I can do all the time. Just as many people keep pictures of their human family, and even their furry family, on their desks at work, I can keep pictures of my spirit family close by, even on what is not technically an altar. And just this one small thing can make a difference in my mindset all day, so that I can bring the sacred with me deeper into my daily life.

What is one small thing you can do to deepen your practice today?